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Property Eye opener has been founded by a Management Graduate from Jamia Millia Islamia University. The entire motivation to search something like Property eye opener was that all of us while searching for properties had this bad experience with brokers & our own “lack of subject matter knowledge” which resulted in taking at times disaster decisions turning into life time regret.
When we started doing dipstick & started speaking to more people, this problem was an endemic. Everyone faced that and no one was trying to solve it. All real estate portals were trying to showcase listings by dealers and busy in promoting builders project irrespective of their credibility & not solving the inherent information asymmetry.
It’s a common saying, better late than never. So, here we have made a solution for everyone who struggles in getting true and genuine information about builders & for the information asymmetry that exists.



Our vision is to make information flow from actual users i.e. residents, buyers & sellers and also information dissemination from our side based on real-time analytics & years of in-depth market research.

We want & strive for excellence in becoming the preferred choice for customers to come on for real estate requirements.

We value the Hard Earned money of people and want your Life Time Savings to be used for the Right Property you wish to have.