Reluctant to buy in Under construction?

Real Estate Sector is in a stage of speculation with negative market sentiments mainly on account of high default, delayed possession, slow construction, zilch appreciation & overall slowing economy. Slew of projects with attractive offers have been launched but mostly failed to take off, the need of owing first property is not on priority anymore and people are preferring rental accommodation over paying EMI's.

Markets like Noida & Gurgaon are now being dominated by Builders having deep pockets with extended business verticals, they give buyers the confidence & trust to put in their lifetime savings, buyers also are not reluctant to pay premium compared to other projects in vicinity & moreover over established brands in NCR Real Estate Market.

With the advent of brands from west market, apartment living is re defining with state of the art living with less loading, planned layouts & challenging deadlines for completion registered at RERA.

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