Not able to get Premium in Resale?

You have been given a rosy picture for your investments in residential segment & then the rosy picture start to turn bleak when you are not able to get premium in secondary market.

Why it is getting difficult to get premium in resale over 1 to 3 years investment window.

We think we have made the smartest decision by investing into "A" property basis all the praises coming from people who have vested interest involved in pushing a particular property. There were "B", "C" and "D" properties also available but you were given the impression that Property "A" is the best backed with statements which were only in air at that point in time.

You are happy to finalize it and wait for the holding threshold, you now decide to sell it in resale and starts posting it online and getting in touch with brokers. Most of the times you find no response on your listings then you wait and become restless when some brokers call up & offer a loss making price. You then start calling on your own different brokers and gets the same response.

The next thing which is done is to check the current price of your property in fresh and you will be shocked to know that is in market at same price or at a discounted price. You will also find that units are in abundance with the builder so what happens next, you call the person with whom you booked your property & get to know common responses that market is bad.

Actually, this is not the scenario that market is bad or brokers were not informed that builder is going to reduce rates at later stages.

Let's understand the theory of making premium in 2 to 3 years window:

Choose the right builder & Broker if any

  • Choose the right price, if the hype is bringing more footfalls then wait.

  • Check the current prevailing rates of ready to move in projects

  • Always consult a independent consultant

  • Check past track record and especially price movement of past projects over 6 years window

  • Check with the builder if entire project is launched at one go or in trenches

  • Check the likely Transfer Charges and when transfer will be allowed

  • Forecast project sale time period so that you can forecast your premium

  • Check if builder is going to launch another project in vicinity

  • Market intelligence of the vicinity & new launches

"B", "C" & "D" properties have played a fair game, they have not brought the rates down & offered discounted rates at launch and later brought prices up to give initial users the head room to command premium in resale. These good builders win trust of customers and have a strong vision to exist in market with a calculative approach and with a healthy & customer friendly business model. If the builder decides not to increase rates, they will do it in way to keep their initial buyers always profitable by offering non park facing units and higher floors.

It is advisable to take consulting from an independent source that does not have any vested interest involved in pushing a project. Property Eye Opener helps people with real-time analytics showcasing unbiased and unfiltered facts for taking the most perfect decision. We shall be detailing more into this segment in our upcoming posts with some of the most promising & bad launch and the factors which would fuel growth & gives loss in ROI's.

It is your hard earned money so it is always advisable not to take rushed decisions and not to fall prey in the trap by trusting people who have vested interest involved in pitching a particular property. Consult, Think, Analyze & take informed decisions.

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