"Sold out", Commercial selling trap by some...

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

“Without even excavation, the entire commercial project is sold out including retail shops and 40 floors office spaces.” Possible??

Don't get carried away with the Hype

Most of the buyers burn their hands by falling in trap of "Sold Out", end users and second level investors needs to understand the smart strategy of some developers. At inception, big investors put money in retail shops by paying nominal money and their agreements are also not made. Then massive advertising takes place to get attention of people, when customers walk in to buy retail shops, they are told that everything is sold out and now first floor and second floor retail shops are left to be grabbed.

Few buyers immediately buy first and second floors shops and ground floor not so good shops in terms of facing and visibility which are hard to sell.

After some time, ground floor shops are released at premium giving no head room to end users and second level investors to make good returns as initials big fish have already taken much premium. The hype created by then is so voracious that end users and others are bound to get carried away.

What's need to be done is very simple, say no to the commercial that has been a trading turf from day one with no credibility. The rate which customers are offered should be first cross checked with Property de..... as seller and the bitter truth will come out immediately. (#commercial#retailshops#officespace#commercialinvestment#commercialproperty)

Let's be very focused and watchful for our hard earned money.

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