I am a good brand so I will fool you by charging Exorbitant Rates for a sub-standard Product.

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

"pre-requisite of a LUXURY RESIDENTIAL Project in Noida" Heads Up

How much one would like to pay for a brand depends on the features it offers, it is not that, you will pay super premium price for a black n white Handset which does not even has a good camera, forget about having a good processor.

Every market has its own dynamics, what works for Mumbai may not work in NCR, what works in Dubai may not work in New Delhi.

This post of Property Eye Opener uncovers a very important factor which could lead to life time regret if ignored and one gets carried away with the hype created by people having vested interest involved in pushing a particular project.

Let's first understand the pre requisite of a product which is positioned as LUXURY. Hera are some "must to have" pre-requisites:

  1. Open area within Project like Park

  2. Definition of park is minimum 5 acres in a scenario where builder is charging rates > 8.5k per sq ft

  3. If someone is saying that you get to see incredible views from balcony's for example views of green belt, forest or golf course does not mean that resident can jump into the green belt or golf course to have a walk and to get fresh air

  4. Amenities - For children "must to have" is play are in open with ample space for them to play freely, someone saying that we have all such amenities in our club house which is covered is not acceptable

  5. Dedicated Space for Club House is a pre-requisite, this in a way will limit residents within the tower and they will not be able to move out.

  6. The approach road to the so called "Luxurious Project"should be safe and not in isolation raising safety issues.

  7. There should be enough commercial markets nearby to make the place lively and convenient for residents.

  8. Most important, someone demanding rate of 9k should be giving max to ma two apartments on each floor and not four apartments.

  9. Why would someone paying 8k or 9k price and will not get two way views

  10. There are excellent projects which got launched at less prices have two apartments on each floor and more importantly open area of a minimum 5 acres.

  11. If there is no open area, no privacy then what is the point to have a apartment in a 30 floors building, it is better to have builder floors in Delhi which have great connectivity to Airport, Railway Station, surrounded by markets, near by hospitals and schools.

  12. Someone positioning that we have the best construction quality, one need to ask that are you putting gold into the bricks. You don't have basis things to offer like open area, secured location, privacy, dedicated space for children to play and only on the basis of views & construction quality charging exorbitant rates. In a way, you are saving massive cost which would have gone into giving open area & other basic stuff.

  13. One should ask the builder, what is expected from residents to step out of the society for a brisk walk on road raising safety issues and what is the point to have a apartment in a gated society if there is not even a open area to walk and relax...forget about other amenities.

Please be careful with your hard earned money and do not get carried away around the hyped created. Please do a detailed on ground research & analysis before falling into the trap of Sky High Praises, it is advisable to consult someone who gives unbiased and true insights.

Property eye opener was started because all of us believed that we had to rely on word of mouth largely coming from Property Dealers & Friends | Family. As buyers, we ends up in getting mix of opinion from people operating in an unorganized market & advice from friends were just to follow “foot step theory”. The only reason we are dependent on market forces because there was a huge information asymmetry in the market. Property eye opener is a platform that removes this information asymmetry and provides a marketplace for free & smooth flow & exchange of this information that at times used to become “Life Time Regret” by taking a wrong decision.

We have done 2 things to help you find that perfect home:

  • Firstly, we have painstakingly verified that each rating given is genuine & there is no room for anyone maligning a builder project or indulging in any malicious activities. We use a lot of heuristics and techniques to make sure that you get a true and genuine rating platform. Thus the ratings given by actual users are as per their personal experiences and opinion given by us is based on real-time analytics arising out of in-depth market research on builder projects performance.

  • Secondly, we have also tried to make sure that high decibel of information is available to you in as easy to use format. This ensures that you get a very good idea of the property even before you visit it. Thus, you can shortlist property sitting at the comfort of your home without actually traveling all the good and bad properties. This saves your time and effort and with a quick shortlist of 4-5 properties you can actually get a house in few days!

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