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PROP RESULT is a data driven platform that bridges the gap between a Developer and home buyer built on the ideology of being a customer-centric brand. PROP RESULT collects, analyses, cross checks and consolidates all the information that is required by a keen home buyer interested in new Projects.

We are one of the fastest growing companies in the online real estate space offering an integrated and comprehensive consumer experience encompassing end to end real estate journey from search to finalizing a perfect property for our esteemed customers.

Born out of the intent to simplify the search for a home, free of biased opinions, wrong information, and multiple site visits, we have come forward delivering transparent and unbiased information flow to the customers for informed decisions. A team of problem - solvers and with the steered efforts of the management around the world, we are geared to become the most trusted space for home buying and home inspection.

Our Services cut across into two major areas –

· Home Search and Finalization

· Home Inspection


We offer comprehensive end to end property lifecycle management services. Our Managed Property Services portfolio offers state of the services starting from consulting, real-time property analytics, home search, shortlisting, price forecasting, negotiation and closure.

The Managed Property Services Portfolio cuts across all facets of the real estate landscape offering customers an enriching experience driven with data and technology.

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It is imperative that you leave the toughest task of home inspection to the experts in order to be rest assured of the quality of the home you are going to shift in. The most common mistake done in property investment is "to follow the footstep theory i.e. take suggestions from friends and family”, at times it can become a lifetime regret moving in a home which requires ongoing repairs and where one has to compromise with health and safety of the family members.

The home buying decisions are mostly dependent on friends and family or external third parties who have vested interest involved in pushing a substandard property. It can be very painful and stressful if you end up buying any such property and there is no one to listen and address your issues and grievances, what are the options that are left with you to exercise.

A) Incurring high cost towards repair and maintenance and then also not getting that satisfaction of owning a perfect property free of defects.

B) Decides to sell the property at loss and there are fewer buyers to buy your house.

PROP RESULT PROMISE - Delivering Trustworthy, Unbiased and Validated New Home Inspection Report

Buying a home can be a stressful experience filled with uncertainty and mixed emotions, all agents and developers show a rosy picture but at times structural issues, low construction quality, Lack of greenery, High Loading, plumbing, dampness and electrical issues can spoil your experience of living a peaceful life in your dream home.

Many of us are dependent on market forces because there is a huge information asymmetry in the market.

Do you wish there was someone for you who could take all the strains of buying a perfect house, away from you?? We are here to present a one-stop solution to solve all of these issues.

PROP RESULT is a platform that removes the information asymmetry and provides a marketplace for discovering serious defects, safeguarding your investments and ensuring safety of your family from serious in-house accidents and repeated repairs

We provide Comprehensive Home Finalization and Home Inspection Services. Our highly trained Sales Professionals and certified home inspectors gets you the best property and go through your home with the latest tools, aided by advanced technology and using a checklist with 300+ checks that makes sure everything is checked and nothing is left to chance.


We email our customers a PDF report that spans across multiple pages about 48-72 hours after the end of our comprehensive inspection, It is highly detailed, self-explanatory and uses elucidated images wherever possible so that the customer is able to follow up with the builder/developer to get the issues fixed. The report is also online available for reference anytime in the future and on any device possible. We also provide follow - up sessions with our inspectors for customers to understand more in detail about the home inspection.

Come and experience Trust, Convenience, Transparency and Technology and in offering a one-stop platform for Home Inspection. PROP RESULT services leverages the power of information and the management deep routed understanding of the real estate sector to offer trust, simplicity and happiness in the home inspection journey.

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