Updated: May 25, 2020

“Pre launch discounts are not always Real Deals". Be Watchful before you finalize.

Take Smart Decisions

Have you got the Right price at soft launch ?, Probably NOT, your builder may have brought the prices down after creating hype at launch and get as much premium from initial end users and investors.

What needs to be done to avoid this situation is now something which needs to be addressed with real insights related to market dynamics, current rates, forecasting & appreciation over 3 years window.

Few top builder's of Noida have been charging exorbitant pricing by creating hype & giving false commitments such as "Prices Revising Soon", "Limited Period Offer", "Thank you for the over whelming response" etc. To add spark to it, there are people (bro...) who leave no stone unturned to make customers believe and fall prey into the trap. After getting customers booked at higher rates, they then bring down prices, in a way no more theory of initial and loyal customers holds importance in today's scenario and customers who come at later stages gets much lesser rates translating into a savings of Rs 5 to 6 lacs on average size of 1700 sqft apartment.

Customers now have to become more watchful and should wait for the right price to be offered to them post in-depth analysis. (#realestate #apartments #noidaproperty) throughout your posts to reach more people, and help visitors search for relevant content.

Disclaminer: Do keep in mind that the information that has been provided on 'the Website', including property details, forecasting, layout, comparative analysis, project rating etc. have been displayed for reference purposes only and cannot replace the primary source i.e. an independent verification by buyer/ agent. Any investment decisions that you take should not be based relying solely on the data that is available in this blog.The writer is an experienced real estate consultant giving unbiased & unfiltered insights, views of the writer are personal and not bound by any organization.

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