Be Smart to Avoid Loss & Shock of Price Drop..


In this post, we will understand how to be very careful dealing with people who makes stories and speak lies just to get the booking done by hook or crook. We have tried explaining the same in above picture that how a buyer who shows trust gets the shock of lifetime.

The important thing which is to be understood is not only small developers but few big and prominent developers are indulging into such practices where property is sold on a pool of lies. Buyers usually do not expect from Big Developers but in a market which is volatile, people tends to become off track from the ethics and professionalism. At the same time, there are developers who never takes the negative route and are always true to their customers.

Property Eye Opener unfolds such practices after in-depth market research thus bringing the reality for our users to take informed decisions.

There are numerous ways where a buyer who has bestowed his trust in builder and project sees it shattering over a period of time. How does it happens ...

  1. Sir, we at "A" company takes lot of pride in offering our customers the best rate & inventory.

  2. Your humbleness has won our hearts & we have decided to offer you "X" amount of discount.

  3. Trust us Sir, management has decided to hold all units and stop sales as we have already sold more than targeted in phase 1.

  4. Builder is not interested in selling it further and will resume sales once the structure is ready so that we can command more premium.

  5. But since you have been in touch, we have taken special approvals to offer you one unit.

  6. Trust us, rates are going to be increased by 25% in six months as we have big marketing plans.

  7. Buyers are constantly following up to gives them some time to finalize as there funds are coming soon.

  8. There are big shots who have taken entire floor just to get a Independent Villa feel.

  9. All the extended balcony's apartment got sold out on day one of launch.

  10. Duplex apartments have been sold at 15% premium due to scarcity of supply.

  11. They will show fake whats app messages of big shots that unit will be sold anytime soon.

  12. Big statements, we are zero debt company and in just six months from launch, we have sold more than "Y" units which is a achievement.

  13. This is going to be a jackpot investment, just in six to 12 months, there will be massive demand in market.

Then post purchase, buyers get shock which is hard to believe when they see rates have been dropped for example by 500 and on a size of 4000 sq ft translates into 2 MN INR. Buyer will get in touch with builder to validate the same and gets all type of excuses as follows:

  • Payment plan has been changed

  • Buyer has paid up front

  • Units offered were not great

  • This is management call

When buyer gets in touch with Broker who facilitated the transaction and who recommended the property has to say

  • I am also surprised, let me check and revert

  • Market is bad

  • It is not true

  • Payment plan is changed

  • I am no longer working with this developer

Well, none of the above is correct. It is a pre-planned strategy to charge premium on launch and convey message in market for project success.

It is advisable to take consulting from an independent source that does not have any vested interest involved in pushing a project. Property Eye Opener helps people with real-time analytics showcasing unbiased and unfiltered facts for taking the most perfect decision. We shall be detailing more into this segment in our upcoming posts with some of the most promising & bad launch and the factors which would fuel growth & gives loss in ROI's.

It is your hard earned money so it is always advisable not to take rushed decisions and not to fall prey in the trap by trusting people who have vested interest involved in pitching a particular property. Consult, Think, Analyze & take informed decisions.

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